I grew up with the smells of baking from my mother’s kitchen and oil paints from my father’s studio. It seems only natural that oils have turned out to be my favorite medium. I am daily inspired by the beauty of nature, starting with my garden and moving out to the hills, forests and coastline of Sonoma County and beyond. I never tire of looking at, and trying to capture in paint, the different forms, textures, colors, and light that I see in nature, sometimes looking at the big picture, but often choosing to focus on some small detail.


Still-life is another favorite format of mine. I love to play with lighting and composition, choosing the items for each painting carefully. These paintings often have a narrative quality. I enjoy the element of story and the different moods I can create. This is where I often find my sense of humor and whimsy coming out.


The more I paint the more excited I get about all the possibilities. I feel myself paying attention…to the world around me, to the people around me, and to my own heart.